Microtouch - Plug-and-play simplicity

A Touch of Superiority

Plug-and-play simplicity. Seamless. Intuitive. Responsive. Reliable. When it comes to user experience, no one can touch MicroTouch.

A Touch of Class

Exceptional touch accuracy. Multitouch capabilities. Higher resolution display. Outstanding durability. MicroTouch cutting-edge capacitive touchscreens deliver all that, and more.

Microtouch - a touch of class

Microtouch - Hands-on, approachable service and support, day or night.

A Customer Experience Second to None

Hands-on, approachable service and support, day or night. MicroTouch is there when you need us, with engineers, product experts, customer support and fulfillment, all ready to help.

More than 100 patents

More than 100 patents

Over 80 countries

Over 80 countries

40 years industry leadership

More than 50 million touchscreen installations

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