Introducing the New Mach Family


Refined Aesthetics

Ultra-slim design.
Radiused corners.
Concealed ports and cable management.

Optical Bonding

Decreases light reflections.
Bolsters strength.
Increases light transmission.
Improves ingress protection.

Etched AG
(anti glare)

More consistent, durable &
scratch resistant.
Increased light transmission.
Provides anti-friction for an improved tactile performance.

Ultra Slim Borders

Edge-to-edge glass.

High-Bit Panels

Better color reproduction.
Desktop monitors feature an 8-bit panel producing over 15M more colors than standard 6-bit panels.

Ergonomic Stand

Desktop models.
Convertible to wall mount.
Fully collapsible.
180 degrees of tilt.

Enhanced Cable Management

Cable guiding design.
Effortless routing.
Simplistic installation.
Cable security.

Logo Free by Design

No need to remove branding.
You control the messaging.
No brand confusion.

Advance unit replacement.