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The new Mach Lightbar, MA-LBAR-A1, is a brand new optional lightbar that can be seamlessly integrated into the Mach desktop series. With the ability to plug into any of the 4 sides of the Mach touch displays, the lightbar can add completely customizable visual ques to users. The lightbar features tri-color long lifetime LED’s.



Input Connector Type: USB-C
LED: Red (default), RGB LED lights offer various color illumination
Input Voltage: 5.0 VDC
Dimensions: 101 x 36.7 x 23.7 mm
Compatibility:  M1-156DT-A1, M1-215DT-A1, M1-238DT-A1
Housing Color: Black
Compatibility: Mach Desktop Series, Mach All-in-One Series
What’s Included: Mylar pads x 2 ; Screw x 2