1.1. This document defines general warranty coverage, limitations, and remedies for products sold by MicroTouch.
1.2. This document defines procedure for return of materials to MicroTouch.


2.1. RMA – Return Materials Authorization


3.1. MicroTouch warrants that the goods shall conform to the specifications supplied to Purchaser, or such other specification agreed to by MicroTouch in writing. No affirmation, representation or warranty concerning the goods or services made by an agent, representative or employee of MicroTouch shall become part of the contract unless specifically set forth in the quotation or specification. Unless specifically agreed to in writing, MicroTouch makes no other warranties with regard to the goods and services, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.


4.1. Any claim for breach of the foregoing warranty must be submitted to MicroTouch no later than twelve months, or as set forth in writing in the quotation or specification, from the date of shipment by MicroTouch. MicroTouch will have no obligation with regard to any warranty claim if the nonconformity is the result of:

4.1.1. MicroTouch’s use of any material or component supplied by Purchaser or Purchaser’s designated vendor
4.1.2. Purchaser’s improper storage, handling or processing of goods following shipment, including any failure to comply with any storage or handling instructions contained in the specifications
4.1.3. Accident, abuse, neglect, fire, lightening, water or other acts of nature following shipment
4.1.4. Purchaser’s unauthorized repair of goods following shipment
4.1.5. Damage caused to goods during an non-conforming material return process
4.1.6. Cosmetic damage as a result of normal use
4.1.7. Normal display backlight degradation as a result of usage (if applicable)


5.1. In the event any goods or services fail to conform to the forgoing warranty, MicroTouch will at its discretion either:

5.1.1. Repair the non-conforming goods at its expense
5.1.2. Replace the non-conforming goods at its expense
5.1.3. Refund the purchase price to the Purchaser

5.2. The foregoing shall be the Purchaser’s sole remedy for the breach of warranty. In no case will MicroTouch’s liability to Purchaser under a purchase order exceed the purchase price of the goods, and MicroTouch will not be responsible for incidental or consequential damages resulting from its performance.


6.1. At MicroTouch, customers are our first priority and we strive to deliver the best products with the highest quality. In the event you are experiencing problems with your product, these guidelines provide you with information for contacting our Customer Support Team and, if needed, receiving a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number for the product.

6.2. Contact the MicroTouch Customer Support Team at support@microtouch.com or call (616) 786-5325. Please have the following information available.

6.2.1. Your Name and Contact Information
6.2.2. Part Number(s)
6.2.3. Serial Number(s)
6.2.4. Quantities
6.2.5. Detailed description of the problem
6.2.6. Non-Conforming Material Report Number (if applicable)

6.3. RMA numbers are assigned by the MicroTouch Customer Support Team for returning goods when necessary for investigation and disposition of the reported issue.
6.4. If instructed to return goods to MicroTouch, please label all boxes clearly with the assigned RMA number. Goods returned without a proper RMA number may not be accepted by MicroTouch’s receiving department.
6.5. All returns should be properly packaged in original packaging or equivalent. Purchaser is responsible for all freight charges resulting from the return of goods to the designated MicroTouch location. MicroTouch is not responsible for goods that are lost or damaged during transit.
6.6. If the MicroTouch Customer Support Team has determined that the issue is covered under warranty, at MicroTouch’s discretion, one of the following will occur:

6.6.1. Product will be repaired and returned via ground transport at MicroTouch’s expense
6.6.2. An equivalent replacement product will be returned via ground transport at MicroTouch’s expense
6.6.3. Purchaser will be issued credit for the purchase

6.7. In the event the issue is not covered under warranty, MicroTouch will advise whether a non-warranty repair is possible and if so, at what expense to the Purchaser. If no repair is available or selected, MicroTouch will ship the product back to the Purchaser. Purchaser is responsible for all freight charges resulting from the return of goods to their designated location.

7.0 All information provided in this document is subject to MicroTouch Terms & Conditions and can change without notice.