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The new Mach MSR, MA-MSR-A1, is a new state of the art MSR reader designed to seamlessly integrate into the Mach desktop series. Equipped with the ability to plug into any side of the Mach monitors due to the easily integrated and reliable USB-C plugin on each corner, this newly designed MSR has versatility like never before.  This MSR is a bi-directional, three track, encrypted reader, providing a full solution for a variety of customer use-cases.



Swipe Speed: ISO Standard Card : 5-60 ips
Swipe Direction: Bi-directional
Number of Tracks: Reads up to 3 Tracks, (supports TDES encryption with DUKPT key management)
Power Supply: +5VDC, +/-5%
Power Consumption (typical): 7mA max.
Interface: USB-C
Supported Formats: ISO 7811, AAMVA, up to three tracks of magnetic encoding
Supported Emulation Modes: Keyboard Emulation mode, Uniform defined HID Device mode (HID MSR)
Card Width: 3,375 x 2.125 in.
Mounting: Directly to M1-156DT-A1, M1-215DT-A1, M1-238DT-A1
Dimensions: 111 x 39.5 x 36.7 mm
Housing Color: Black
Compatibility: Mach Desktop Series, Mach All-in-One Series
What’s Included: Mylar pads x 2 ; screw x 2